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A message from Mrs Lubomski

22 May 2020 (by sdunn)

Sent by email 22nd May 2020

Dear Parents,
Following the announcement from the Trustboard that our school will not be opening to YN/YR/Y1/Y6  until at least 8th June, I am writing to inform you that the teachers will be continuing during that week to provide your children with online learning opportunities.
Please can you contact the school office if your child needs a place in the Special Childcare from 1st-5th June (all years). It will be  open from 8 - 4 pm that week. The hours will change to school hours once more staff are required to work with the class group bubbles. 
I understand that this situation may be disappointing for your children, but as a school and Trust we have to ensure that our risk assessments are secure and that we can work with the children and each other in as safe a situation as possible going forward. 
Today is officially the start of our half-term break and most staff will be having a well earned break. However the office staff  and I will continue to monitor  the school's email system next week in case you have any queries. Please do use the contact form on the school website.
Many best wishes to you all.

Alixena Lubomski