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Our Head Girl , Amber says 'hello'

4 June 2020 (by Alix Lubomski (alubomski))

 Hello Everyone,
It's Amber here.
I just wanted to write to you and wish you all well as we hopefully look forward to going back to school .
I have missed seeing my friends and the teachers these past 9 or so weeks.
I really hope the Coronavirus has eased so we can all get back to school safely, happily and we can all stay very healthy.
It will be really nice if we Year 6 pupils can see each other together again, with the teachers, before we leave St Stephen’s School forever.
But I have been very busy and content at home with my brothers and Mum and Dad.
We didn’t argue; we got on well. Dad did go back to work in April with lots of new self distancing rules at work.
My auntie in Mumbai has given me lots of Maths questions and tasks to challenge me and keep me busy. School active learning too. I have liked that.
We are so lucky to have smart phones to talk to family and friends far away and be good to each other even if we cannot hug them or hold hands.
My family have really enjoyed doing art together during lockdown. It has been very relaxing and enjoyable – we learnt a lot from each other. (I show you a picture below).
I also helped Mum build and prepare our garden – making garden boxes,birdhouse and even a bench out of pallets..painting them to look beautiful.such fun and learnt a lot.
We could play in our yard; My younger brother got to play a little football, and we could cycle down our avenue when it was quiet.keeping distance in place.
My big brother  was working very hard with online work from Ermysteds school. I got an idea from that about what secondary school would be like in September.
We never forgot to say our prayers morning and night – praying not just for family but also all those suffering around the world from this pandemic – may it soon be conquered.
As Head Girl it is so nice to say hello to you all in this letter.
I wish you all well and we say Thank You to all our teachers and staff for keeping the school going and getting it ready.
We should all ..Be safe , Be good to each other and pray for the world!
Amber DS
Head Girl