St Stephen's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Stephen's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Learning, living and loving one another in God's name

Gargrave Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1PJ

01756 709451


“Governors are jointly responsible for the conduct of the school, ensuring that the best possible Catholic education is provided for the pupils attending the school. This means ensuring the school is run according to its Articles of Association and the Diocesan Trust Deed, that its religious character is preserved and developed, and that pupils obtain high standards of academic achievement.” — Diocese of Leeds Office for Education and Schools

This school is governed by an Academy Council.  When St. Stephen’s Catholic Primary School became an Academy on 1st August 2015 it was governed by the Strategic Intervention Board (SIB). The remit of the SIB was to set the aims and objectives for the school.  During 2016/17 the SIB transitioned to an Academy Council with the first Academy Council meeting being held on 7th February 2017.  

Scheme of Delegation from Bishop Wheeler Trustboard to  St Stephen's, Skipton 2020/21

Academy Council members are governed by a code of conduct which is reviewed and approved annually by the Trust.

A copy of the code of conduct is signed by the local Academy Council annually.

Attendance 2020/21

Attendance at Academy Council Meetings 2019/20

Total Required %
J Sheehan 4 100%
P Copeland 4 100%
A Summersgill 4 100%
C Boulton 4 100%
O Jones 4 100%
A Fox 4 100%
K Perry 3 100%
P Duckworth 3 100%
N Moon 4 100%
A Lubomski 4 100%


Attendance at Academy Council Meetings 2018/19

J Sheehan 6  100%
P Copeland 6 100%
A Summersgill 6 100%
C Boulton 6 100%
O Jones 6 66%
A Fox 6 83%
C Gardner 6 100%
T Pye 4 50%
N Moon 6 83%
M Hogan 2 100%

2021/22 MEMBERSHIP (updated 4.10.21)


  • Mrs Janet Sheehan  - Chair
  • Mgr Andrew Summersgill
  • Mr Darren Beardsley - BWCAT CEO
  • Ms Tina Warden – Educational Consultant

Governors who have left the Academy Council in last 12 months:

Mrs Alice Fox :Jan 2017-  Jan 2021 - end of term of office 

Mr Oliver Jones :Jan 2017-  Jan 2021 - end of term of office

Ms Catriona Boulton :Jan 2017 – Jan 2021  - end of term of office

Mr Phillip Duckworth: Dec 2019 - April 2021 - became a member of staff at SSS

Mrs Nikki Moon: Sept 2014 - Aug 2021 -  resigned from school staff


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