Gargrave Road, Skipton, BD23 1PJ
01756 709451


Y6 Head Boy: Jamie

Y6 Head Girl: Grace

Y6 Deputy Head Boy: Finley

Y6 Deputy Head Girl:  Lili P


Y5: Gracie / Dylan


Y4: Jack / Edith


Y3: Nika / Daisy


Y2: Ivy / Amelie


Y1: Avanya /  Amelia


The council is supported by Mrs Lubomski

We meet once every half-term.


This year we would like to:

  1. Provide a suggestion box for all the children to contribute to.
  2. Raise extra money for school funds through bake sales / non-uniform days.
  3. Find interesting ways to decorate the main corridor upstairs in the school.
  4. Plant bulbs and more flowers in the outdoor areas.
  5. Help to develop the Remembrance Garden near to the hall.
  6. Help the school community prepare to celebrate the school's 170th anniversary in summer 2024.