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Arriving at school

In order to maximise teaching and learning time the school doors will be open from 8.40 am each morning.

Children enter school through the Hall door, complete the Daily Trail and then go straight into their classrooms.

If you need to speak to your child's class teacher please do not hesitate to make an appointment through the school office.

The school starts at 8.50am. and registers close at 9.00am.  All late comers must report to the school office.

The school is only responsible for supervising pupils from 8.40am.

If you arrive before then please ensure that your children are supervised by the responsible person bringing them to school.

Please note the only exception to this is our Nursery which opens at 8:30am.


School finishes at 3.20pm. Please collect your child promptly.


School is open 32.5hrs in a typical week.



There are two playtimes each day (excluding lunchtime) for KS1, a morning one of 15 minutes and an afternoon one of 10 minutes.

KS2 participate in activities during the afternoon that provide them with mental and physical breaks at regular intervals.

Other activities

Some extra curricular activities take place out of school hours, e.g. football and choir. 



If your child  is going to be absent from school, please contact the school office, by phone or e-mail, and report this to the Office staff as soon as possble.

If your child needs a dental appoitnment or routine medical appoitment please try to make this out of school hours.

Please arrange family holidays outside of term-time.