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Religious Life in School

The school has very close links to St. Stephen's Church and the local community with a number of events through the year.  Please click here to visit St. Stephen's Parish website. 

Father Christopher, our local priest, is on the Academy Council at the school and supports the staff with planning of Liturgical celebrations throughout the school year.

We have a programme of special Masses in place which are led by the children across the school. 

During the year the children from our four Houses  lead special Family Masses at a weekend.


                     Diocesan Statement on Collective Worship

It is the responsibility of every Catholic school to provide for all its members a vital experience of liturgy, worship and prayer which: 

  • names and celebrates God present and active in authentic human experience
  • is educative
  • is within our Catholic tradition

The purpose of these experiences is: 

  • to give honour and praise to God
  • to develop the school as a community of faith
  • to assist pupils in developing their relationship with God, creation and the community of the Church
  • to witness to the community and the wider world

Collective worship in our schools will be: 

  • properly planned
  • adequately resourced
  • recorded
  • monitored
  • evaluated

in order to ensure that the collective worship experienced within the school is a relevant, meaningful and positive contribution to the religious, spiritual and moral development of all members of the community.


Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  (11.2.22)

The whole school went on a 'pilgrimage', with Fr Andrew, stopping to pray at the our little Lourdes Grotto and at Our Lady's Grotto by the church lawn.

Children carried a Bible, candles, flowers and prayers on the journey.

Our Lady pf Lourdes Procession
Our Lady of Lourdes Procession and Liturgy - image 0
Our Lady of Lourdes Procession and Liturgy - image 1
Our Lady of Lourdes Procession and Liturgy - image 2
Our Lady of Lourdes Procession and Liturgy - image 3
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