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  December 2023  
Class Group Virtue of Hope Virtue of Patience
St Stephen -  Early Years James Ishaal
St George (Y1) Evana Charlotte
St Patrick (Y2) Frankie Valentino
St Andrew (Y3/4) Elodie Callie
St David (Y4/5) Safaa Julia
St Christopher (Y6) Finley  Lili S


 October 2023

Class Group  Virtues of Respect & Courtesy Virtue of Thankfulness
St Stephen - Early Years Zakariya Aminah
St George (Y1) Milan Albert
St Patrick (Y2) Sara Ashley
St Andrew (Y3/4) Amelie Jollie-Anne
St David (Y4/5 ) Max Lucie
St Christopher (Y6) Evelyn Suliaman

July 2023

Class Group               Virtue of Courage  
St Stephen - Early Years  Naomi  
St George (Y1 ) Nadiia  
St Patrick (Y2) Kadie-Mae  
St Andrew (Y3/4) Edith  
St David (Y5 ) Teniola  
St Christopher (Y6) Lyle  

May 2023

Class Group Virtue of Confidence Virtue of Trust
St Stephen -  Early Years Fausta (Reception) Imogen (Nursery)
St George (Y1) Petru Ivy
St Patrick (Y2) Vavelo Daniel
St Andrew (Y3/4) Dhyan Enosh
St David (Y4/5) Lili S Evelyn
St Christopher (Y6) Patrick Lily-Mae

March 2023

Class Group Virtue of Self-Control Virtue of Reflection
St Stephen -  Early Years Millie (Nursery) Catherine (Reception)
St George (Y1) Frankie  Sara
St Patrick (Y2) Sonny Jollie-Anne
St Andrew (Y3/4) Martha Malcolm
St David (Y4/5) Henry  Rosie
St Christopher (Y6) Harrison Ria
  February 2023  
Class Group Virtue of Friendship Virtue of Love of Neighbour
St Stephen -  Nursery/ Reception Ethan Naomi
St George (Y1) Dominic Amelie
St Patrick (Y2 ) Izzy Vavelo
St Andrew (Y3/4) Max Sabah
St David (Y4/5) Zach Rosie
St Christopher (Y6) Liam  Ibrahim