St Stephen's Catholic Primary School and Nursery, a Voluntary Academy

July 2021

Class Group               Virtue of Honesty Virtue of Service
St Stephen - Nursery Ivy Evie-Rose
St Stephen - Reception Sonny Billy
St George (Y1/2) Max Finley
St Patrick (Y2/3) Daisy Gracie
St Andrew (Y4) Sophia  Lola
St David (Y5 ) Everyone in the class! Ava
St Christopher (Y6) Jacob Chae

May 2021

Class Group Virtue of Perseverance/Resilience Virtue of Kindness
St Stephen -  Nursery Ibrahim Dominic
St Stephen -  Reception Harry Sam
St George (Y1/2) Ola Liliana
St Patrick (Y2/3) Rosie Gracie
St Andrew (Y4) Olive Bridgette
St David (Y5) Jack Viktoria
St Christopher (Y6) Jenna Chae

April 2021

Class Group Virtue of Love/Charity Virtue of Forgiveness
St Stephen -  Nursery Ellie Edie
St Stephen -  Reception Sam Callie
St George (Y1/2) Safaa Delilah
St Patrick (Y2/3)  Reuben and Finley
St Andrew (Y4) Harley Lizzie
St David (Y5) Daniel Toby
St Christopher (Y6)  Anika Archie