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July 2022

Class Group               Virtue of Honesty Virtue of Service
St Stephen - Nursery Arthur Charlotte
St Stephen - Reception Aubree Claire
St George (Y1/2) Arthur Charlotte
St Patrick (Y2/3) Finley Ava
St Andrew (Y4) Ihsan Sulaiman
St David (Y5 ) Ibrahim Olive
St Christopher (Y6) Chloe Wennzer

May 2022

Class Group Virtue of Perseverance/Resilience Virtue of Kindness
St Stephen -  Nursery James Emmieol
St Stephen -  Reception Oliver Ashley
St George (Y1/2) Malcolm Amelie
St Patrick (Y2/3) Lacie-Mae Max
St Andrew (Y4) Jake Blanca
St David (Y5) Bridgette Sophia
St Christopher (Y6) Wennzer Amaani

April 2022

Class Group Virtue of Love/Charity Virtue of Forgiveness
St Stephen -  Nursery Ethan Archie
St Stephen -  Reception Sara Peter
St George (Y1/2) Delilah Kadie-Mae
St Patrick (Y2/3) Dylan  Jack
St Andrew (Y4) Rosie Daisy
St David (Y5) Lizzie-Mae Bryony
St Christopher (Y6) Bella Chloe

February 2022

Class Group Virtue of Faith Virtue of Simplicity 
St Stephen -  Nursery Poppy-Ann Lizino
St Stephen -  Reception Amelie Petru
St George (Y1/2) Skyler Sabah
St Patrick (Y2/3) Nikola Ola
St Andrew (Y4) Sulaiman Lili S
St David (Y5) Sophia Lizzie-Mae
St Christopher (Y6) Wennzer Eshwar


December 2021

Class Group Virtue of Hope Virtue of Patience
St Stephen -  Nursery    
St Stephen -  Reception Aubree Amiyah
St George (Y1/2) Sabah Callie
St Patrick (Y2/3)   Ava and Max
St Andrew (Y4) Grace Jake
St David (Y5)    
St Christopher (Y6) Gabi Lilly


 October 2021

Class Group  Virtue of Respect and Courtesy Virtue of Thankfulness
St Stephen - Nursery Mary Imogen
St Stephen - Reception Amiyah Billy-Samuel
St George (Y1/2) Izzy Delilah
St Patrick (Y2/3) Julia Jack
St Andrew (Y4) Grace Lili S.
St David (Y5 ) Lyle Bridgette
St Christopher (Y6) Bella Sofia